Private Studio


Abigail Hughes offers private in-home piano and harp lessons in the Fox Valley and Chicagoland areas to students of all ages. 

Teaching Philosophy

Abigail Hughes believes that music is more than learning how to play an instrument. With a comprehensive understanding of music history, Abigail seeks to make music come alive in her students as they learn repertoire from the musical time periods and cultures into which great composers were born. She believes that in order to truly understand and perform a piece of music well, an individual needs to develop an understanding of how music has influenced and shaped culture and, in turn, how culture has shaped the ebb and flow of musical genres. Abigail also believes that a well-rounded musician should have a solid understanding of music theory.

Being classically trained herself, Abigail uses a holistic approach that incorporates technique, musicality, theory, and history into her lessons. Students work through a theory book as well as standard repertoire. Scales and technique exercises are used to supplement the pieces they are working through. As a student learns new repertoire, the history of the composer as well as the style of music is addressed to give the developing musician an understanding of how music has evolved over the centuries. A part of the lesson time may also be devoted to developing improvisation techniques and ear training in order to develop creativity and nurture music writing.

It is important to recognize that every student is individual and learns in a unique way. With this understanding, Abigail tailors each student’s repertoire to their specific learning style.

Abigail encourages all her students to actively participate in performances through out the year. Performing is a part of a musician’s career, and it is important to develop the skill set needed for successful performing. As such, Abigail offers her students multiple opportunities to perform in front of audiences through recitals, masterclasses, and community ensembles.