With over 20 years of musical experience, and over 10 years of teaching and performing experience, Abigail Hughes Stoner can help you achieve your goals – whether they be to learn simple pieces for musical enjoyment, master technical and musical interpretation, audition for a conservatory, prepare for a competition or exam, or learn how to teach and start your own private studio.

become the musician you want to be.

Harp and Piano Lessons

Lessons are offered in person at the student’s home or virtually via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype for students residing outside of travel distance. Private lessons focus on technique and musicality, while incorporating theory and historical significance of composers and repertoire. Pieces are assigned from all four major music history time periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century), as well as music by composers of diverse race and ethnicity, and other cultures so that student’s are exposed to music outside of the Western tradition. Areas of student interest, such as religious music, jazz, et cetera may be added in. Abigail encourages her student’s to attend music camps, competitions, and ensemble opportunities, and they are expected to participate in annual studio performances. If you are interested in having Abigail teach a master class or provide an instrument demonstration for your studio, please send her an inquiry.

Teacher Coaching

Abigail offers coaching appointments to beginner teachers who are looking for advice on how to start, grow, and/or manage their studio. Consults can cover subjects such as: picking out the best studio model for your situation, marketing advice, networking and exposure ideas, social media management, studio policy sheets, teaching techniques and curriculums, and many other topics. You will get a customized studio policy sheet as part of the consult that will help your studio succeed.

Music Theory, Composition, and History Tutoring

Private tutoring or small group tutoring is available for homeschool families. Tutor sessions can be tailored to the desires of each student with a focus on a certain composer, style, music history period, or general overview of historical music significance. Tutor sessions will include listening assignments, composer highlights, and theory exercises. Tutoring is a wonderful supplement for a student working through a music history course or as a stand alone class. Through tutoring, students will have a thorough knowledge of music history periods, important composers, and musical styles that they can apply to the repertoire they are working on. Students taking private lessons with Abigail may choose to add tutoring to their lessons to supplement their instrumental studies.

Abby has been teaching my daughter piano for six years. She has not only taught how to play the piano well, but she has also placed an emphasis on teaching music theory so our daughter has a solid foundation of knowledge in how music is created.”

Betsy, Geneva, IL

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