Getting to Know You

Well, here I am, joining the ranks of bloggers. Not what I thought I’d be doing on this afternoon; in fact, it’s the last thing I thought I would be doing. I am horrible at journaling, and I’ve always thought of blogging as a kind of online journal. But who knows, maybe I’ll surprise myself and love it – and honestly, it’s exciting to start something new. So, this first post will be a little bit about me so you can get to know who I am – even though the title says “Getting to Know You.” (I just couldn’t pass at the opportunity to use Judy Garland’s lyrics from the King and I. If you don’t know it, look it up. Big fan!) Anyways, if you keep reading, you’ll learn what I do, things I like, and all the rest that goes along with getting to know a blogger.


So first, a little bit about me. You already know two important things: 1) my name is Abigail (although I go by Abby or Abs with friends and family) and 2) I am a harpist, obviously! Music is my passion, but I have many other interests. If I’m not playing my harp or scouring Spotify for new music, I’ll be reading a book, cuddling with my dog, riding my horse, doing yoga or dance, or sleeping. My favorite things to eat are strawberries, especially when paired with vegan dark chocolate and red wine! If you want to get to know me even more and feel a strong inclination to follow my life and various doings, check out my Instagram page @abigailhughesharpist. I’m always posting pics of my latest new endeavors, interests, and (of course) harp adventures!

Now for a little bit about what I do. I am a professional musician, freelance harpist, and private music teacher. I have been playing musical instruments ever since I was a little girl in kindergarten. I started on piano and then took to harp. I now focus primarily on harp with piano as my secondary instrument. Along the way, I have also dabbled in voice, percussion, drums, and guitar. I have a BM in Harp Performance from Wheaton College Conservatory of Music and have been playing at weddings and corporate and private events for over five years. Not only do I play solo music, but I enjoy playing in a few chamber groups and orchestras in the Fox Valley and Chicagoland areas. I have played with the Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra, Fox Valley Orchestra, Lake County Symphony Orchestra, Chicagoland Pops Orchestra, Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra, and others! Along with my playing and performing, I run a private studio for piano and harp lessons. My students range in age from 5 to 60+ years and include all levels from beginner to advanced.


So, how does all this relate to me blogging? I want to connect with you! Playing my instrument is obviously very important to me, but a lot of what I do as a professional musician is interact with people. In this blog, I hope to bring my unique viewpoint to musical entertainment, and more specifically, to your special event. Having received a Harp Performance degree from a prestigious classical conservatory, I can bring certain qualities to my music, incorporating these classical foundations into contemporary settings and contemporary music.

With that introduction out of the way, I look forward to sharing my harp life with you!

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